like an old Stormy Kromer

by admin on February 24, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen: another guest post from our friend Ben…

I have this cap. It’s a wool Stormy Kromer cap.

It’s DUMPING snow right now in Vermont, and I wore my Stormy Kromer when I walked down to the knitting store this morning. Walking and thinking, I had an idea that, in a way, running across the country barefoot is a lot like my old Stormy Kromer cap.

About a century ago, Mr. Kromer designed this cap to stay on his head when frigid arctic wind was blasting through his locomotive cabin. His old caps kept blowing away, so he designed one that would stay put no matter how fiercely the wind blew.

When Tellman was running across New Jersey, Pennsyvlania, West Virginia and Ohio, he had a lot of “wind” trying to blow him off course. There was the poor road surfaces, the bad weather, the near-constant pain and injury, the naysayers saying he was “crazy”, the bad drivers… the list goes on. But like an old Stormy Kromer, he stayed on.

Granted, a persistent heel injury and an evaporated budget eventually did force us to return to Vermont last month. But ya know what? Once in a great while my cap gets blown off. I pick it up, dust the snow off, and put it back on. Tellman’s the same way – he’ll be back out on the road soon, logging barefoot miles and raising money for homeless kids in America, picking up right where he left off.

His persistence (some call it stubbornness, but there’s a difference) has always amazed me, and I’ve known Tellman a long time.

I know there are kids on the street in America with no place to go, and yet they continue on like an old Stormy Kromer. Despite the odds, kids like Caleb, a former resident of the Stepping Stone youth shelter whose parents both passed away when he was young, stay on during “rough winds.” I hope you’ll consider donating $10 right now at so we can give those kids an even better chance of surviving the wind.


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1 Luiza February 24, 2010 at 7:36 pm

Oi Tellman,
Tudo é possível aquele que crê. Nosso Deus é o Deus dos impossíveis.
Quando o momento se mostrar difícil e a jornada for longa, confia em Deus e Deus lhe enviará colaboradores. O mundo vê o que você está fazendo em prol das crianças e adolecentes sem dia e feliz caminahada.

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