Press Release From: Brattleboro, Vermont. November 16th, 2010

“They’d have to cut my feet off” to stop him from running, says Tellman Knudson, the Brattleboro man best known for attempting to run barefoot across America to benefit homeless kids last fall, and now he vows he’ll do the run again – from the beginning.

In January 2010 Knudson managed to make it 654 miles to West Virginia barefoot, despite blood blisters and snow covered roads. Deep tissue contusions in both heels and some business setbacks put him out of the running last winter, but today he made the announcement that “the run goes on” and he is back in serious training to run barefoot 3,200 miles across America.

“My feet are healed, and I’m back in the game” says Knudson, and in fact, he’s setting the bar higher with his training regimen this time: starting November 15th, Knudson stated that he is beginning what is known as a “streak” in the running world. A streak is where a runner sets out to run either a certain route, or at a certain time of of day, or both, every single day, without exception.

Knudson has stated that his “barefoot running streak” is starting today, November 16th at 6:00 am and that every day he will be running barefoot at 6:00 am with no foreseeable end; and that anyone who wants to join him in this streak should write in on the comments below and let him know.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to join “Run Tellman Run Returns” without having to get up before dawn and run across the cold pavement barefoot, please sign up to this blog now to get the latest daily updates, click on the donate button below to contribute to the cause for homeless kids, and follow Tellman as he starts his running resurrection today!


1 DJ Nov 19, 2010 at 13:09:52
Thank You Tellman, for keeping after it for homeless youth in the USA. Perhaps some day no-one will lack, but in the meanwhile efforts like yours can only help. You're an inspiration! DJ
2 Nicholas Fonte Dec 05, 2010 at 19:41:06
Hey Tellman, I've been following you for now and you are an inspiration to me to keep on running and to follow your heart in doing what you think you must. It is quite obvious you feel very strongly about helping the homeless youth of our country and i hope to one day follow in your footsteps by doing something as tremendous as that to help a group of people in need. Keep on going man! Nick
3 Joshua Calloway Dec 07, 2010 at 18:35:57
Greetings, Tellman! You wear the Hermes Winged Aviator very well! This is so awesome to be connected with a kind soul like yourself! Congrats on your recent fundraiser towards the next CC Run!

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RTR Film Being Sent to Print!

by admin on April 29, 2010

Hello RunTellmanRun Supporters!!!

After several months of fundraising, editing, and million other things in between, we are finally ready to release the RunTellmanRun short documentary “Run Tellman Run: Mile 0-654”! We are SO excited to share the complete story (so far) with you. We will keep you posted with details about how you can get your own copy of the film, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, we’d like to give a shout out to all of our generous backers who helped make the film possible. Please be sure to check out their websites and show them the support they’ve shown us.

Elizabeth Markovits

Kate Johnson

Ian Weiss

Jennifer Doebler


Victoria Netanus



Tony Almeida

Robin Bell

Craig Haywood

Diane McCahon

Mathew Walker

Judy Jones

Kay Grace


Lindsey Horton


Mark Edwards –

Daniel Frank

Keren Weinberg –

Janeen McCrae –

Jenmiller Barksdale

Elizabeth Angilette

Lisanne Petracca

Andrew Finlay –

John Curran


Cathy Sutton

Karl W Ellerbeck

Giselle –

Pat Marcello –

Jenny Perrino

Annie Daher

Erin Hamelman

Kathy McKellogg

Fabian Tan –

Julie George

Kerry Sullivan

Bob Bonneau

Stacy Umezu –

Kim McClearn –

Val Petrov

The Goldsmiths’

Lorraine C.Van Ryckeghem –

David Bowland

John Rourke

Alan Steacy


Jason Wells –

Mark Lane

Terry Shearn

Milind Dongre

Cara Orfield –

Ann Miller


Walter Williamson –

Rebecca Morton

Patti Malone

Eileen Watt

Jeffrey Kirk –

Peter Njuguna

Hollis Carter –

Eric A. Dahl

Andrew Baird –

Kara Leonard –

Richard Simon Just –

Dainis Michel –

John Wallace III –

Michael Purvis –

Jason James –

Luke Stafford –

Jim Giller

Shannon Mooney

Michael Savage aka Sirtony –

George E Harcau –

Jennings Snider

Soren Johannesen –

Frank Mullen

Nolan Orfield –

Dan Stanley

Helen Kelly

Patsy Hudson

Javan Robinson

Kyle Battis –

Chris Freville

John “Jack” Schoenberger

Karen Sue Hoyt

Kevin Wilke

Dave Forrest

Eric Kristensen

Joe O’Connell –

Rosendo Gutierrez M

Brett Brodie

Sean Brown

Matt Bacak

Calvin Hardement –

Mark Joyner – http://www.ConstructZero.ORG

Dylan Loh –

Don Jones –

Erin Thoms Melnick –

Pete Kasko –


1 Karim Jun 05, 2010 at 18:47:24
Ever get the feeling that everyone has lost interest?? I sure hope you get back to it soon, and this time be a little more thrifty. $500,000 in the short time you were out? Sounds like you were living like a rock star. Suck it up, and live like the homeless, and account for the money being spent. I assure you you will make it further if you do.
2 Allison Aug 01, 2010 at 18:58:52
Hi Tellman, I couldn't find any other place to email you to let you know this, but your PDF that I downloaded from entitled "The Fire and Ice Barefoot Runner" has a typo in the footer of each page. It says the PDF comes from Barfoot. Just wanted to let you know because it made me laugh. Thanks, Allison
3 Rex Malson Feb 14, 2011 at 21:51:42
Hi Tellman & Group, Hope all is well and going Great and wishing you the best in your upcoming run! I had a friend send me a link to a Video that I thought you may appreciate and enjoy. What you are doing is inspiring to me and I wish you the best and hope you enjoy this Video as I have. Thanks and Enjoy! ( Best Regards, Rex Malson

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A little detective work…

by admin on April 6, 2010

Hey Guys-

This is Sara, the RTR video editor. Most of you probably know that we are working on putting together a short film of the run so far. We are in the final stages of getting things organized, and we need your help to identify two of you who totally kicked butt and ran on Day 1 with Tellman in NYC. If you recognize yourself in either of the pics below, please email me at



Are you the dude on the left?

Are you the dude on the left?

How about this dude on the left?

How about this dude on the left?


1 Eric A. Dahl, LMT, ACMT Apr 06, 2010 at 22:51:52
Hey Tellman!! Oh my gosh! Thats me! I remember that day! I was just going to run the first mile with you... but then I remembered my homeless days living out of a broken down VW in San Francisco... and realized I had to RUN further...and ended up running the whole way with you over the George Washington Bridge ...That was Amazing! In the picture I think you are autographing for me my copy of LIST PROS! That I am finally putting into action..finally -- after being unemployed for so long and having no time or money ..I am now providing massage for accident victims 9 hours a day... and creating my dream life and career. Like you I am standing for the ultimate potential in everyone and that they can overcome anything! Through my company Healing Expressions Unlimited I am helping people realize that anything is possible and that they can do anything or be anything that they want to be! THANK YOU TELLMAN! ...for being so inspiring!! Sincerely , Eric A. Dahl, LMT, ACMT
2 cathy sutton Apr 10, 2010 at 18:16:07
Hey Sara, A month plus is really too long between posts. I realize Tellman is not back running yet, but you or someone else for that matter can let us know about other services in other cities that help the homeless. We don't even have to have any pics, just keep us connected to what is going on in the specific or general scheme of things.
3 DJ Apr 18, 2010 at 00:35:05
Post Post Script, May you and yours have pleasant days a pleasant outing. DJ

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